I cannot imagine life without painting, without making art.  As I write this, I want to say only “Look at what I have done and am doing.  Decide for yourself what you like, don’t like, what reaches you.”  But I know how intrigued and moved I have been by the words of artists talking about their work.  So let me try.

I paint landscapes, still lifes, figures, abstracts.  In my eyes and in my mind, they are all both different from each other and connected, springing from the same impulse.  I love oils, watercolors, mixed media.  I love trees, shadows, the shapes that both nature and man create.  I am hugely intrigued and awed by the power of the successfully created work.  Most recently, I am exploring the synthesis that painting can provide among sensations, intellectual pursuits, memory, and the impulse to find meaning.

If life is a journey, I am grateful that mine includes this means of expressing my passage.

Meet the Artist 

Irena Ursula Brokas Chambers was born in Alvitas, Lithuania, came to the United States as a child and grew up in Brooklyn, New York and Detroit, Michigan.  Her interest in the fine arts comes from a family background rich in those talents and pursuits.  She holds graduate degrees in the humanities.

Her formal art education comes from various art schools, including the Corcoran Art School, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia. Irena Chambers works in a variety of media (oils, watercolor, mixed and other media) and subjects including landscapes, still life and florals, as well as figurative and abstract paintings.

Her work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo shows and her work is in private collections in the Washington, D.C. area, New York, California, New Mexico, Michigan, Pennsylvania, as well as abroad.  Irena Chambers resides and works in Falls Church, Virginia, a close-in suburb of Washington, D.C.